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Nap Hard 

Grandma's First Beer Bong

Of course, everyone loves a good beer bong- what do we love more? Your GRANDMA doing a beer bong.


15 Shots ko!  Pace yourself ! Pace yourself !

Get fucked up ! Enjoy yourself ! but dont be a hero..

Killer Track 

Hit richmond with this track in your head... Insta-kill.

Live it up while you can because these will be the best years of your Lives! Dont waste time stressing and worrying what people think of you, just live life and have a fucking blast !

Keep your friends close, But what inspires you closer- Fanshawe Hub

Full Blast 

I think we could all re-live that moment ! #Alesso 

Five excersies you should- But dont do 

$400,000 Cop Car -_-


Big tune

Some chill music to Prepare for a big night tonight #

People Are Awsome 

Do something that set's you apart from the pack !

Jager Bombs 

Okay I must admit this guy is a creep, But I give him a 10 for technique #nothinglikeawideawakedrunk



20 Hottest Girls Working Out 

Kate Upton 

Mac Miller (Run-On Sentences)


Dude has some skills 

Dodgers X Padres Bench Brawl 

Baseball Brawl 

Drunken Backflip Drink smart my friends

Dumbass of the Week 

London Ontario Timelapse 

Jai Paul- BTSTU ( Drake's sample from Dreams Money Can Buy) 



Alesso Essential Mix

Great Website for good new, alternative and house songs. 

Daddy's Groove- Stellar

It is pretty fuckin stellar

Usain Bolt Meter by Meter Run down ( No pun intended) 


Kobe's 3:30 AM rant.

Check out the "Man Cave" page of the site ! 


Love Me As I Have Loved You (prod. Ritz Reynolds) (DatPiff Exclusive)
Mac Miller (Macadelic)

I just Ship my pants